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Articles published in Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences has got h-index 50, which means every article in Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences has got 50 average citations.

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Year wise published articles

77 62 22 103 77

Year wise citations received

1767 1714 1443 1196 1002
Journal total citations count 11817
Journal impact factor 3.5
Journal 5 years impact factor 3.7
Journal cite score 18.18
Journal h-index 50
Journal h-index since 2018 42
Important citations (2013)

Investigation of antioxidant activities of fruit, leaf, and branche extracts of white (morus alba l.) and black (morus nigra l.) mulberry species from diyarbak?r

Eficacia de la fórmula juanola tos adultos y juanola tos niños en todos los tipos de tos. productos específicamente formulados para las distintas necesidades de la tos en el adulto y en el niños

Cholinesterase, ?-glucosidase, ?-amylase, and tyrosinase inhibitory effects and antioxidant activity of veronica officinalis extracts

Determinación de la capacidad antioxidantede sambucus ebulus l. utilizando el método orac

Protective effect of green tea against neuro-functional alterations in rats treated with mno2 nanoparticles

In vitro detection total flavonoid, antioxidant, hepatoprotective activity and chemical composition of plantago laceolata aqueous extract

Zinc impacts on carboxymethyl chitosan antioxidant activity

Characterization and applications of silver nanoparticles-coated electrospun nanofibers loaded with polyphenolic extract from rambutan (nepelium lappaceum)

Physiochemical screening and comparison of mineral composition of leaves from broadleaf and longleaf morphotypes of lippia multiflora moldenke (verbenaceae) cultivated of côte d’ivoire

Autecology and metabolic products of calotropis procera (aiton) w. t. aiton.

Triterpenes and phenolic compounds from the fungus fuscoporia torulosa: isolation, structure determination and biological activity

Evaluation of pharmacological activities of ethanol extracts prepared from selected korean medicinal plants

The experiment of activity and stability of antioxidant extracted from senduduk (melastoma malabathricum l) leaves at various conditions of concentration, ph values, and temperatures

Determinación de la capacidad antioxidante de sambucus ebulus l. utilizando el método

Biological aspects and phytochemistry of three desert plants growing in western desert, egypt

Phytotoxicity of plantago major extracts on germination and seedling growth of purslane (portuleca olerceus)

In vitro evaluation of the chemical composition and various biological activities of ficus carica leaf extracts

Antioxidative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of acokanthera oppositifolia, plantago lanceolata, conyza canadensis, and artemisia vulgaris

Socio-cultural perceptions of nursing and its influence on the recruitment and retention of males student nurses in nursing education institutions (neis), kwazulu natal province

Determination of biological activity of tragopogon porrifolius and polygonum cognatum consumed intensively by people in sivas

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