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Liana T

Liana T


  • Research Article
    The Effect of Age, Form and Seed Cutting to the Growth and Production of Shallot (Allium ascalonicum L.) at Dry Lands with Low Altitude
    Author(s): Firmansyah AM, Liana T and Bhermana AFirmansyah AM, Liana T and Bhermana A

    The lack of shallot seeds stock requires the effective and efficient management of shallot seeds for cultivation. The objective of this study is to know the effect of age, form and cutting seed to the growth and production of shallot at dry land with low altitude. Treatment used in this experiment include Split- Split Plot Design with main factor seed age of 1 month (U1) and 2 months (U2); sub plot factor is intact seed form (B1), large form (B2), and small form (B3); and for sub-sub plot use cutting seed 25% (P1) and 50% (P2). The results on single factor for age of seed real has significant effect to plant height at the age of 35 DAP (Days After Planting) and 45 DAP, the number of shoots of 35 DAP and 45 DAP, number of dead plants 35 DAP. Seed form has significant effect to number of shoots at 45 HST. The cutting seed has significant effect to plant height, 35 DAP, death plants 35 D.. Read More»

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