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Journal of Agricultural Science and Food Research
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Duressa TF

Duressa TF
Naqamte Plant Health Clinic Center, Oromiya Bureau of Agriculture and Natural Resources,
Naqamte, Oromiya

  • Review Article
    Newly Emerging Insect Pests and Diseases as a Challenge for Growth and Development of Ethiopia: The Case of Western Oromiya
    Author(s): Duressa TFDuressa TF

    Agriculture is a key driver of Ethiopia’s long-term growth and food security. It directly supports 85 percent of the population, constitutes 43 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 80 percent of export value. Nearly,16 percent of GOE’s public expenditures are committed to the sector. However, sustainable productivity of the agricultural sector is threatened by newly emerging insect pests and diseases in the country in general and western Oromiya.This paper discusses on a newly emerging agricultural pest (Diseases and Insects) as a challenge of crop production in western Oromiya. The area is known by maize, mango and ginger production in the country. However, production of these crops was becoming under risk due to Maize Lethal Necrotic Virus Diseases (MLN) of maize, Leaf and Fruit Spot of citrus (Pseudocercosporaangolensis), Bacterial wilt (Pseudomonas .. Read More»

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