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    Effect of Post Bush Clearing Management Practice on Herbaceous Species Productivity and Soil Status of Rangelands in Hammer District of South Omo Zone
    Author(s): Worku B and T/Yohannes BWorku B and T/Yohannes B

    Bush encroachment is one of the factors that cause rangeland degradation in most pastoral areas of east Africa.A study on effects of post bush clearing management practice on rangeland productivity and soil status wasconducted in Hammer district of South Omo zone, Southern Ethiopia with the objective of assessing effect post bushclearing management practice on the vegetation composition and soil status. A hectare of rangeland encroached bydifferent acacia species was fenced and replicated/divided into three plots, and each plot was subdivided into foursub-plots to receive four treatments: un cleared woody vegetation (control) T1, cutting at above ground and leave asit is in the field (T2), cutting above ground and remove from field (T3), cutting above ground and burn right in thefield (T4). Data on species composition indicated that almost all species present in all treatment groups w.. View More»

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