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Tegegne B

Tegegne B

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    Combination Effect of Different Insecticide Plants Against Acanthoscelides obtectus (Coleoptera: Bruchidea): Storage Pests of Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris).
    Author(s): Tegegne BTegegne B

    The experiment was conducted to find out potential of insecticidal plants combination against Acanthoscelidesobtectus through identifying the best potency of combinations and determining dosage rates. Leaf and seed powders of six insecticidal botanical plants, namely Jatropha curcas(L.), Allium sativum(L.), Citrus aurantifolia(L.), Eucalyptus globules (L.),Euphorbia tirucalliand Vernonia amygdalina Del.were mixed to 1% and 2%w/w binary formulations. The synthetic insecticide primiphos-methyl at the rate of 0.1/100 gm grain dust and untreated grains were used as positive and negative controls, respectively. High dosage rate of binary formulations (2%w/w) had better toxicity (high adult insect mortality) than low dosage rates formulations (1%w/w). Combinations of botanical powders showed highest adult mortality, F1 .. View More»

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