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Srihari R Devarinti

Srihari R Devarinti
Government Degree College,
Ramannapet, Nalgonda (Dist.), Telangana, 508113

  • Review Article
    Pollen Allergy: Common Weeds in Telangana and Their Management Measures
    Author(s): Srihari R DevarintiSrihari R Devarinti

    Many weeds and trees produce sufficient quantities of lightweight pollen for their pollination. A single plant can produce 1 million to several million pollen grains in a day leading to pollen allergy or seasonal rhinitis/ rhinosinusitis, asthma and dermatitis etc. Allergenic response is mainly dependent on the correlation between the onset of symptoms and plant pollination time. According to many studies approximately 60-75% of seasonal rhinitis is attributed to weed pollens, 40% to grass weed pollens, and 10% to tree pollens. The pollinating season of the various plants depends on the individual species and on their geographical location. In this paper common allergenic pollen weeds of Telangana, India, their flowering/pollination periods observed and weed management measures are reviewed. Based on their pollination period, weeds can be removed before flowering and can be utilized a.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-6202.1000152

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