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    Significant Effect of Liquid PhosBac and NitroBac Biofertilizers through Integrated Plant Nutrient System on Growth and Yield of Cotton Plant
    Author(s): Shaikh AS and Ali ATShaikh AS and Ali AT

    Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria improves the plant growth through several mechanisms. Several agricultural countries have now adopted this technology of using PGPR(s) as biofertilizer formulations. Certain essential nutrients such as phosphate, potassium, nitrogen etc., are required by the plant through natural systems such as by solubilization or fixation methods for improved growth and yield of plant. In our experiment two formulations of Bio-fertilizers namely PhosBac and NitroBac were used on Cotton plant along with 1/4th dose of DAP which is used as substrate for the phosphate solubilizing bacteria (B. circulance) along with Azotobacter sp as nitrogen fixing PGPR applied through integrated plant nutrient on 3 keys stages of plant growth (at time of sowing, on flowering stage and fruiting stage) Significant improvements in growth and yield of cotto.. View More»

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