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Mbagwu FN

Mbagwu FN


  • Research Article
    Taxonomic Relationship on Some Chrysophyllum Species based on Anatomical Studies
    Author(s): Inyama CN, Mbagwu FN and Duru CMInyama CN, Mbagwu FN and Duru CM

    Transverse sections of the leaf blade and petiole of three species of the genus Chrysophyllum namely C. albidum, C. subnudum and C. cainito were investigated to establish taxonomic relationship among them. The result obtained revealed that the shape of vascular bundle of the leaf in C. albidum and C. subnudum are semi-circular while in C. cainito, it is V-shaped. The vascular bundle is bicollateral in the three taxa investigated. The shape of petiole is semicircular in C. albidum and C. cainito but rounded in C. subundum. C. cainito and C. subundum have well developed Vascular bundle, about 6-7 arranged to form an arc with distinct xylem and phloem cells while in C. albidum, they are 3-7, arranged to form an arc with in the cortex. The result further strengthened the inter-specific relationship existing among them .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0412.1000227

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