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Journal of Plant Biochemistry & Physiology
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Plant Genomes

Plant genomes are added circuitous than added eukaryotic genomes, and assay reveals abounding evolutionary flips and turns of the DNA sequences over time. Plants appearance broadly altered chromosome numbers and assorted ploidy levels. Overall, the admeasurement of bulb genomes (both amount of chromosomes and absolute nucleotide base-pairs) exhibits the greatest aberration of any commonwealth in the biological world. For example, tulips accommodate over 170 times as abundant DNA as the baby edger Arabidopsis thaliana. The DNA of plants, like animals, can aswell accommodate regions of arrangement repeats, arrangement inversions, or transposable aspect insertions, which added adapt their abiogenetic content. Traditionally, aberration in chromosome inversions and ploidy has been acclimated to body up a account of how bulb breed accept evolved. Increasingly, advisers are axis to belief the alignment of bulb DNA sequences to access important advice about the evolutionary history of a bulb species.

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