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Journal cite score 4.78
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Important citations (595)

modulation and significance of nitrogen and sulfur metabolism in cadmium challenged plants

alleviation of salt-induced photosynthesis and growth inhibition by salicylic acid involves glycinebetaine and ethylene in mungbean (vigna radiata l.).

selenium and sulfur influence ethylene formation and alleviate cadmium-induced oxidative stress by improving proline and glutathione production in wheat

antimicrobial peptide (amp) from zingiber zerumbet rhizomes with inhibitory effect on pythium myriotylum secretory proteases and zoospore viability

extract of xanthomonas axonopodis induces resistance in solanum tuberosum against pectobacterium atrosepticum

a combined transcriptional, biochemical and histopathological study unravels the complexity of alternaria resistance and susceptibility in brassica coenospecies

genotype-specific antioxidant responses and assessment of resistance against sclerotinia sclerotiorum causing sclerotinia rot in indian mustard.

genome-wide transcriptome reveals mechanisms underlying rlm1-mediated blackleg resistance on canola.

biochemical and histological characterization of succulent plant tacitus bellus response to fusarium verticillioides infection in vitro.

fine mapping for identification of citrus alternaria brown spot candidate resistance genes and development of new snp markers for marker-assisted selection

programmed cell death pathways induced by early plant-virus infection are determined by isolate virulence and stage of infection

dimethyl disulfide exerts antifungal activity against sclerotinia minor by damaging its membrane and induces systemic resistance in host plants.

life histories of hosts and pathogens predict patterns in tropical fungal plant diseases

Metabolo-transcriptome profiling of barley reveals induction of chitin elicitor receptor kinase gene ( hvcerk1 ) conferring resistance against fusarium graminearum

increased experimental conditions and marker densities identified more genetic loci associated with southern and northern leaf blight resistance in maize.

resistance to gray leaf spot of maize: genetic architecture and mechanisms elucidated through nested association mapping and near-isogenic line analysis

the use of plants to protect plants and food against fungal pathogens: a review.

emerging microbial biocontrol strategies for plant pathogens.

protocol measuring horizontal gene transfer from algae to non-photosynthetic organisms.

demonstration of horizontal gene transfer from genetically engineered thermosynechococcus elongatus bp1 to wild-type e. coli dh5?.