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Palynomorphs area unit broadly speaking outlined as organic-walled microfossils between five and five hundred micrometres in size. they're extracted from substance rocks and sediment cores each physically, by supersonic treatment and wet sieving, and with chemicals, by chemical digestion to get rid of the non-organic fraction. Palynomorphs is also composed of organic material like polysaccharide, pseudochitin and sporopollenin. Palynomorphs that have a taxonomy description area unit typically noted as palynotaxa. Palynomorphs kind a geologic record of importance in determinant the sort of prehistoric life that existed at the time the substance formation was ordered down. As a result, these microfossils offer necessary clues to the prevailing climate of the time. Their palaeontological utility derives from Associate in Nursing abundance list in several cells per gram in organic marine deposits, even once such deposits area unit typically not remains. Palynomorphs, however, typically are destroyed in metamorphic or recrystallized rocks.

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