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Tamara Sussman

Tamara Sussman

School of Social Work, McGill University.

Dr. Sussman completed a Ph.D. in Social Work, from the University of Toronto in 2006 and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program at the University of Waterloo in 2007.  Drawing on over ten years of experience working with adults and families managing health related issues in hospital and community settings, Dr. Sussman’s program of research focuses on how health services and systems impact older adults and their family members.
Research Interest
Her research projects include spousal careers’ experiences with home care; older adults’ and family members’ experiences with the transition into long-term care; barriers and facilitators to the delivery of effective interventions for depressed older adults and their care partners; and most recently the experiences of more marginalized populations of older adults such as older homeless adults and older adults identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Dr. Sussman aims to conduct research that can be used to improve health policies, processes and practices by working closely with community partners in the development, interpretation and dissemination of her research findings. Dr. Sussman has also provided mentorship to health practitioners interested in producing research to inform their practice with older adults and families.

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