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Translational Medicine
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Translational Research for Cardiovascular Diseases

Development of translational research in the health and care of patients with the congenital disease, we recently launched an innovative pediatric cardiovascular translation. This is to create a critical mass of collaborative research across 3 interacting consortia. The Cardiovascular Development Consortium will link research teams using complementary animal models to drill deeply into the details of the transcriptional regulatory networks that govern cardiac development. Investigators from 5 sites in the Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium will recruit children into a common protocol to speed the discovery of causative genes and to evaluate the effects of genetic variation on short and long term outcomes in congenital heart disease patients.

This consortium will assemble multiple independent research projects, each with a multidisciplinary team of principal investigators, core research support facilities, and skills development components to establish synergistic virtual hubs focused on progenitor cell biology. The consortium will complement the Cardiovascular Cell Therapy Research Network, which was established to promote and accelerate clinical research in the evaluation of novel cell therapy treatment strategies for individuals with cardiovascular disease.