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Translational Medicine : Citations & Metrics Report

Articles published in Translational Medicine have been cited by esteemed scholars and scientists all around the world. Translational Medicine has got h-index 10, which means every article in Translational Medicine has got 10 average citations.

Following are the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Translational Medicine.

  2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016

Year wise published articles

30 20 3 4 7 34

Year wise citations received

64 77 88 85 76 50
Journal total citations count 518
Journal impact factor 10.14
Journal 5 years impact factor 5.22
Journal cite score 8.88
Journal h-index 10
Journal h-index since 2017 8
Important citations

Andreadou, i., tsoumani, m., vilahur, g., ikonomidis, i., badimon, l., varga, z. v., ... & schulz, r. (2020). pcsk9 in myocardial infarction and cardioprotection: importance of lipid metabolism and inflammation. frontiers in physiology, 11.

Alsaegh, h., eweis, h., kamal, f., & alrafiah, a. (2021). celecoxib decrease seizures susceptibility in a rat model of inflammation by inhibiting hmgb1 translocation. pharmaceuticals, 14(4), 380.

Is there a truly traceable track for the tumor target?

Nano tech tablet: a concept

Orissa research indigenous attempt for rheumatism and arthritis: oriara

Dixon, d. l., pamulapati, l. g., bucheit, j. d., sisson, e. m., smith, s. r., kim, c. j., ... & pozen, j. (2019). recent updates on the use of pcsk9 inhibitors in patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. current atherosclerosis reports, 21(5), 1-9.

Stefan-van staden, r. i., comnea-stancu, i. r., & surdu-bob, c. c. (2017). molecular screening of blood samples for the simultaneous detection of cea, her-1, nse, cyfra 21-1 using stochastic sensors. journal of the electrochemical society, 164(6), b267.

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Hu, m., lan, y., lu, a., ma, x., & zhang, l. (2019). glycan-based biomarkers for diagnosis of cancers and other diseases: past, present, and future. progress in molecular biology and translational science, 162, 1-24.

Calabrese, f., lunardi, f., pezzuto, f., fortarezza, f., vuljan, s. e., marquette, c., & hofman, p. (2019). are there new biomarkers in tissue and liquid biopsies for the early detection of non-small cell lung cancer?. journal of clinical medicine, 8(3), 414.

Lan, y., hao, c., zeng, x., he, y., zeng, p., guo, z., & zhang, l. (2016). serum glycoprotein-derived n-and o-linked glycans as cancer biomarkers. american journal of cancer research, 6(11), 2390.

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Adaika, a., medila, i., & bouali, n. (2021). effect of the aqueous crude extract of matricaria pubescens: histopathological and biochemical study on scorpion venom given rats. biharean biologist, 15(1), 64-68.

Antioxidant activities of chitosans and its derivatives in in vitro and in vivo studies

Tobassum, s., tahir, h. m., arshad, m., zahid, m. t., ali, s., & ahsan, m. m. (2020). nature and applications of scorpion venom: an overview. toxin reviews, 39(3), 214-225.

Endothelial cell senescence in aging-related vascular dysfunction

Mi, z., guo, b., yang, x., yin, z., & zheng, z. (2020). lamp: disease classification derived from layered assessment on modules and pathways in the human gene network. bmc bioinformatics, 21(1), 1-20.

Nuzzo, t., sekine, m., punzo, d., miroballo, m., katane, m., saitoh, y., ... & usiello, a. (2020). dysfunctional d-aspartate metabolism in btbr mouse model of idiopathic autism. biochimica et biophysica acta (bba)-proteins and proteomics, 1868(12), 140531.

Tzang, r. f., chang, c. h., chang, y. c., & lane, h. y. (2019). autism associated with anti-nmdar encephalitis: glutamate-related therapy. frontiers in psychiatry, 10, 440.

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