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Salem KH

Salem KH

Southern Nigeria

  • Case Report
    Recurrent Hydatiform Mole: A Rare Case Report
    Author(s): Zyiad KH, Ahmad KH, Hala H and Salem KHZyiad KH, Ahmad KH, Hala H and Salem KH

    A 35 yr old female, p1 had a daughter aged 15 year. The patient had a hx of 11 time molar pregnancy (6 times partial, 5 times complete molar). She presented to our centre worried to have a normal pregnancy. All her molar pregnancies were documented by histopathology and treated with suction curettage and followed up by serial HCG titer. She is advice to have pregnancy by ART in our centre by using laser assisted sperm selection (LASS). She underwent ICSI and conceived with twins and she had uneventful pregnancy with 2 viable fetuses, but at 18 wks one of her fetuses had mild ventricuomegaly, other is completely NL. AT 32 WKS. She delivered alive completely NL female, and a male with down syndrome features. .. View More»

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