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Pratibha Sharma

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    A Study on Corroboration between DNA Markers (RAPD, ISSR, ITS) and Bio-Control Efficacy of Trichoderma Species
    Author(s): Muthu Kumar A and Pratibha SharmaMuthu Kumar A and Pratibha Sharma

    The present study aims to investigate whether the disease complex for Haemorrhagic Enteritis (HE) in goats during the winter months is the same as described for Jejunal Haemorrhage Syndrome (JHS) in cattle. The further goal is to determine whether prebiotic and probiotic management strategies developed for JHS in cattle alleviate HE in goats. The clinical, necropsy and microbiologic findings were evaluated for goat cases during a natural HE outbreak. Bacterial pathogens were identified using selective media, biochemical tests, latex agglutination tests and DNA microarray. Feed components were evaluated for mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxins. Common clinical signs included stary look, grinding of teeth, an odd twisting of the neck when standing, hind-limb paralysis, rumen stasis, no faecal pellets, profuse drooling and a 50% drop in milk production. A prebiotic/probiotic treatment resolve.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2165-8056.1000103

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