Mycobacterial Diseases

Mycobacterial Diseases
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Mycobacteria is a family of Actinobacteria, genus comprises more than 120 different species. They are acid-fast gram-positive bacilli, obligate aerobic, immobile and rich content of mycolic acids. These are divided into 3 main groups Mycobacterial tuberculosis complex, Non tuberculosis Mycobacteria and Mycobacterial leprae.

Several species of Mycobacteria can cause disease in animals, being either primary pathogens, or becoming pathogenic (disease causing) under certain circumstances.

Mycobacterial Diseases come in two forms: contained form and the aggressive form. People suffering from contained form of mycobacterial diseases develops only the Cell-mediated immunity. However, sufferers from aggressive form of disease mounts up the humoral immune response to the infecting mycobacteria.

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