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Majid Malaki

Majid Malaki
Sevome Shaban Hospital Tehran,
West Indies

  • Letter to Editor
    Statins: A Distant Hope, Thousands Dangers in Near
    Author(s): Majid MalakiMajid Malaki

    Statins a commonly used drug for dyslipidemia, its widely usage can magnify its adverse eوٴects epidemiologically especially when we have to use statins, a costy drug, for a longer time or in higher dose in vulnerable age, in fact dangers of statins can be a tip of iceberg if we evaluate studies about benefits and harms of this group of drugs. We will meet conflLct phenomena in statins benefits when we hear about decrease cardiovascular disease risk because of some studies that evaluate benefits of statins ignored statins side eوٴects and most of these studies performed in groups with age lower 65 and over 30 years and they generally extend their eٹcac\ to all age groups of society... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2327-4972.1000231

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