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Jie Zhang

Jie Zhang
State University of New York Buffalo State,
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  • Research Article
    The Use of Microblog, Social Support, and Depression: A Study of Chinese College Students
    Author(s): Jie Zhang and Lu ShaJie Zhang and Lu Sha

    Background: The Chinese microblog, such as Tencent Weibo and WeChat, as a tool of communication with smart phones like twitter, is getting popular in China. Majority of Chinese college students are now using the microblog for daily communications and web surfing. The smart phone, with its communication and socialization functions, should help increase the level of social support among its users. Aims: It is to study the relationships among the use of microblog, social support, and depression in Chinese college student populations. It is hypothesized that more frequent users of the microblog are less likely to have depression and have more social support than those who do not use the microblog that often. Methods: We systematically collected and analysed data of 1,298 Chinese colleg.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2469-9837.1000164

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