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Danilo Garcia

Danilo Garcia
Blekinge Center of Competence, Blekinge County Council,

  • Research Article
    Regulatory Mode Profiles and the Organization of the Flow of Time
    Author(s): Danilo Garcia and Erik LindskärDanilo Garcia and Erik Lindskär

    Background: Individuals strive after goals through regulatory modes of assessment and locomotion. The independent inter-relationship between these two modes implies four profiles: assessor (i.e. high in assessment/low in locomotion), low regulator (i.e. low assessment/low locomotion), high regulator (i.e. high assessment/high locomotion), and locomotor (i.e. low assessment/high locomotion). We investigated the way individuals with different profiles organize the flow of time (i.e. past, present, and future) in order to explore how the outlook on time might be associated to changes in regulatory mode. Method: High school pupils and university Students (N=522) answered to the Self-regulatory Mode Questionnaire and Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory. Results: The regulatory mode prof.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2469-9837.1000184

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