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Bunyamin Yavuz

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    An Assessment of the Awareness of Lifestyle Changes in Patients with Hypertension
    Author(s): Yusuf Ozdag, Didem Suna Y and Bunyamin YavuzYusuf Ozdag, Didem Suna Y and Bunyamin Yavuz

    Aim: In this study it was aimed to evaluate the awareness of lifestyle changes (LC) of patients with hypertension (HT). Method: The study included patients who were diagnosed with HT in the cardiology and family medicine polyclinics between September- December 2013. A questionnaire consisted of 63 items in 4 sections was used to assess sociodemographic properties, cardiovascular risk factor analysis, LC awareness, effects of HT. Results: A total of 301 patients with a mean age of 59.6 ± 10.9 years were included. The rate of blood pressure (BP) under control was 48%. Awareness rates of 6 basic LC were diet at 18%, alcohol at 48%, cigarette smoking at 50%, exercise at 45%, obesity at 65%, salt restriction at 91%. From the total patient group 44% were aware of 4 or more LC, frequency of LC awareness was greater.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2327-4972.1000178

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