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Fungal Genomics & Biology
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Alexander Idnurm

Alexander Idnurm

ADJUNCT ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR Division of Cell Biology and Biophysics School of Biological Sciences University of Missouri-Kansas City Kansas City, USA

He completed Ph.D. from University of Melbourne, Australia
Research Interest

My laboratory is interested in gene functions and their evolution in model and pathogenic fungi. Our research includes analysis of genes involved in fungal photobiology, pathogenesis, spore formation, and viability. We currently work with three groups of fungi, those in the genus Cryptococcus, the red yeasts in the Pucciniomycotina, and species of Phycomyces and its relatives in the Mucoromycotina. For comparative purposes we often also use model ascomycetes like Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Schizosaccharomyces pombe or Neurospora crassa. By using a panel of evolutionary divergent species we are able to gain insights into the levels of conservation or divergence in how genes function across the fungal kingdom.

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