Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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Akbar Nikkhah

Akbar Nikkhah

Zanjan 313-45195
West Indies

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    Exploring Rumen Microbial Circadian Biology to Improve Food Safety and Security
    Author(s): Akbar NikkhahAkbar Nikkhah

    This perspective article introduces an innovative roadmap for research and farm application based on optimizing rumen microbial circadian biology to help minimize metabolic disorders and foodproducing ruminant health and efficiency. Suitable feedstuffs must be fed at optimal times of the circadian phase in optimal relation to milking and housing management. Certain microbial populations may be negatively sensitive to given combinations of sugars, starches, proteins and fats. Discovering optimal harmonies amongst circadian rhythms of ruminant, rumen, and their environmental management is key towards improving food safety and security for humans in the new era... View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-888X.1000e129

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