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Hybrid poultry

As commercial farming has progressed hybrids became the necessity to keep up with demand in the shops and food processing factories. Hybrids poultry breeds started to become normal stock for Australian farms during the 1950s. But can you identify a hybrid from a pure breed? Hybrid chickens are really a genetic modification, resulting from the crossing of two or more breeds for commercial value. However, the breeding techniques to create a hybrid is usually done at the expense of their health. Whereas traditional breeding is a selection process to get an overall healthy bird, hybrids are specifically chosen for their meat or egg output alone.If hybrids are bred with hybrids, the genetic stock becomes weaker and more problematic with time. To ensure healthy hybrid stock, it is best to breed from the mix of pure breeds. Poultry Farming with the help of hybrid poultry animals to get more yields

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