Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences

Poultry, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences
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Michael K Holland
Executive Editor
Director & Professor
The University of Queensland, Australia

Louise C Abbott
Director, Brain Development and Degeneration Research Program, 2012-2014 Thammon Professor in Undergraduate Teaching Exc, Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences
Texas A&M University, USA

Roger D. Applegate
Wildlife Biologist and Coordinator, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, Ellington Agricultural Center
Tennessee, USA

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Journal of Poultry, Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences is a scholarly academic journal dedicated to provide extensive coverage on conservation, preservation and the sustainable ecological development on  open access platform.  This peer reviewed  journal focuses on the major challenges in this field including their sustainable production susceptibility to diseases and climate change. The journal caters to the diverse needs of the students, academicians, researchers, industrialists and conservationists and forms a reliable source for continuing education, conceptualization of new research programs, framing of policies, and strategizing new approaches.

The journal includes wide range of topics in this field, including but not limited to  animal viral diseases, animal-welfare, aquaculture production, fisheries-research, hybrid poultry, natural resource management, poultry diseases, poultry management and processing, poultry physiology and diseases, poultry vaccine, poultry-farming, wild-life overkill, wildlife conservation, wildlife ecology, wildlife research, wildlife-demography, wildlife-diseases and zoonotic disease. Food, nutrition and environmental security represent an important goal of the modern times. Particularly protein deficiency is highly prevalent in developing countries. Wildlife is important for food chains and biogeochemical cycles and energy flow.

On a global scale, poultry meat constitutes a significant proportion of per capita meat consumption while the production is constantly on the rise. Aquaculture production and marine fish caches have also shown increasing trend keeping in tune with growing population. On the contrary wild life populations have declined mainly due to exploitation, habitat degradation, climate change and invasion of species. One of the challenges in poultry and fisheries is bringing in efficiency in production. Conservation of wildlife still remains the major issue.

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