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Advances in dairy Research
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    Studies on Camels Feeding and Utilization of Camels Milk in Buttana Area, Gaderif State, Sudan
    Author(s): Osman AM, Abdelkreim M, Abukashawa SMA and Ibrahim MTOsman AM, Abdelkreim M, Abukashawa SMA and Ibrahim MT

    The study was conducted in different locations in Butana area (Gadarif, Showak (Sharif Hassab Allah, Umgargoor, Alsobagh). a set of detailed structured questionnaires were used to collect information from a total of sixty camel owners in different locations in Butana area. The interviews were conducted over single visits to each owner. The objective of this study is to assess the uses of camel milk and their feeding in Buttana area, Gaderif State, Sudan. The results showed that most of she-camels produced from 2 to 3 litre milk/day during the lactation period of 10 months. The majority of camel owners used calves to stimulate milk let-down and they milked she-camels twice a day. The milk let-down in the presence of the calf is the main method adopted by camel owners (96.7%).The majority of owners consumed the produced milk, while few of them sold the produced milk and took the milk fo.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-888X.1000141

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