Advances in dairy Research

Advances in dairy Research
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Abebaw Gashaw

Abebaw Gashaw
Tropical animal health, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine,
P.o. Box 307, Jimma

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    Study on Milk Hygiene, Quality Control in the Market Chain in Jimma
    Author(s): Abebaw Gashaw and Ephrem GebrehiwotAbebaw Gashaw and Ephrem Gebrehiwot

    Raw milk quality and hygienic status of dairy farms study were conducted from October 2013-March 2014 in Jimma town with the objectives to assess hygienic milking and handling practices and quality of raw milk at different critical points throughout the milk value chain, in Jimma zone, south western Ethiopia. The study was performed by questionnaire survey, personal observation and milk sample testing in the laboratory. For the survey a total of 54 purposively selected milk producing households who sell raw milk to the town were interviewed to assess the hygienic milking and handling practices. A total of 162 bulk raw milk samples were collected aseptically from selected farms, milk cooperative and cafeterias for raw milk quality testing and tested with different test. Clot-on-boiling test positive results for farm, cooperative and cafeterias were 7.78%, 55.56% and 58.7%, re.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-888X.1000213

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