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Translational Medicine
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Youyang Zhao

Youyang Zhao

Professor of Pharmacology The University of Illinois College of Medicine USA

I obtained my Ph.D. in molecular biology from Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1994 and did my postdoctoral training in Harvard University and UCSD. I was a Senior Research Scientist at Pharmacia Co. prior to my appointment at UIC in Aug, 2003.
Research Interest

My research is directed toward understanding the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and providing novel therapeutic approaches for this complex human disease using state-of-the-art technologies including genetic knockout and transgenic mouse models. The lab is currently focused on the following projects: 1) The essential role of foxm1 in endothelial repair following vascular injury; 2) The molecular mechanism of pulmonary hypertension in cav-1-/- mice; 3) The role of adiponectin-adipoR signaling in vascular inflammation, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

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