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Wenge Zhu

Wenge Zhu

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine The George Washington University Medical School USA

Wenge Zhu earned his Ph.D degree in the University of Vermont and has conducted his postdoctoral trainings in Harvard Medical School, University of Virginia and National Institute of Health (USA). Currently, he is an assistant professor in the George Washington University Medical Center. His research focus on the mechanism governing DNA replication, DNA damage response, chromatin function and high throughput screen (HTS) for anti-cancer drugs. He has received multiple awards from NIH, including K99/R00 (NCI) career development award and reviewed papers for prestigious journals.
Research Interest

DNA replication regulation in human cells, signaling pathways regulating DNA damage checkpoint and DNA repair in cancer cells, chromatin function and high throughput screen (HTS) for small molecules that target DNA damage response

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