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Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Ukwattage NL

Ukwattage NL


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    Accelerated Carbonation of Coal Combustion Fly Ash for Atmospheric Carbon dioxide Sequestration and Soil Amendment: An Overview
    Author(s): Ukwattage NL and Ranjith PGUkwattage NL and Ranjith PG

    Fly ash is one of the major solid by-products generated by coal combustion for power generation. At present most fly ash generated all over the world is dumped as waste material without any beneficial use. Only a small proportion of the total fly ash production is used in applications such as cement production, mineral wool production, recovery of metals, road sub-base construction, mine reclamation, and in agriculture. In addition, fly ash is a material that can be used to capture and store atmospheric CO2 through mineral carbonation both in situ and ex situ of the source of CO2 emissions. As a means of increasing the rate of mineral carbonation, accelerated carbonation has been researched by scientists in the recent past. In addition to achieving the benefits of carbon sequestration, accelerated carbonation can make the fly ash chemically stable, which is benef.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2375-4397.1000210

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