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Journal of Genetic Syndromes & Gene Therapy
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Stefania Galdiero

Stefania Galdiero

Istituto di Biostrutture Bioimmagini, CNR, 80134 Naples, Italy

Stefania Galdiero belongs to the Istituto di Biostrutture Bioimmagini, Naples, which is located in Italy and his research interest is in Human genetics. His study about A Trans-Kingdom Antimicrobial Peptide Targeting Cystic Fibrosis Pathogens.
Research Interest

 The most recent topics of research concern: 1) biological activity of structural components of Gram-negative bacteria surface; 2) analysis of enveloped viruses penetration mechanism; 3) design of novel molecules that may be used as antimicrobials; 3) design of vaccines; 4) intracellular delivery. Dr Galdiero is author of more than 45 articles on international peer-reviewed journals.

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