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Auto immune Disease


An Auto immune disease develops when the immune system responsible for defending the body against diseases fights against the healthy cells. Here the immune system fails to differentiate healthy tissues and antigens, as a result the body sets off a reaction that destroy normal tissues.Some unknown trigger happens to confuse the immune system and instead of fighting against the infections it destroys the body’s own tissues.

Areas often affected by autoimmune disease include blood vessels, connective tissues, endocrine glands, joints, muscles, red blood cells, skin. Some common symptoms of autoimmune disease include fatigue, fever, joint pain, and rash. Some common autoimmune disorders include Addison’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, Sjogren syndrome, Reactive Arthritis, Dermatomyositis, Pernicious anemia, Celiac disease. This disorder may result in destruction of body tissue, abnormal growth of an organ, changes in organ function.

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