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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Richard C. Baybutt

Richard C. Baybutt

Richard C. Baybutt Applied Health Science Department, Wheaton College Wheaton, IL 60187, USA Tel: +1-630-752-5564 Fax: +1-630-752-7277 E-mail:

Dr.  Richard Baybutt is Professor and Chair of the Applied Health Science Department at Wheaton College.  He is both internationally and nationally recognized in the field of nutrition science.  His research expertise is in the field of Nutrition and Toxicology where he has published in such prestigious journals as Journal of Biological Chemistry, Toxicology, Lipids, Current Pharmaceutical Design, and the Journal of Nutrition.  He has presented his research at such noteworthy colloquiums as the International Colloquium on Lung and Airway Fibrosis. He has served six times as a panel member of the USDA study section to review competitive grant proposals.  While serving as a faculty member at Kansas State University, he was awarded the Dawley-Scholar Award for Faculty Excellence in Student Development because of his research work with undergraduates, as well as his mentoring of graduate students.  Dr. Baybutt presently focuses on strengthening the growing research program of the Applied Health Science department with its emphasis on pre-professional preparation and training for prestigious graduate programs throughout the country.  Dr. Baybutt brings over 30 years of teaching experience to Wheaton College in the field of nutrition, and joins Wheaton College’s mission to give the students highly qualified training in research and publishing, as well as the finest academic instruction in nutrition science and nutrition related fields. 
Research Interest
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Prevention of Pulmonary Fibrosis, Retinoic Acid (vitamin A) and prevention of Emphysema


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