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Translational Medicine
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Raffaella Buzzetti

Raffaella Buzzetti

Associate Professor of Endocrinology

She holds a Master Degree in Endocrinology from "La Sapienza" of Rome in the year 1987, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery from. Since 2006 he is the Coordinator of the PhD in "Epidemiology and Molecular Pathology" at the Faculty of Medicine and Chierurgia University "La Sapienza". Since 2001 Associate Professor at the 2nd Medical Clinic (now the Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Specialties), University "La Sapienza" of Rome . In the years 1988-1989: Scholarship for foreign countries the Ministry of Education for research on genetic susceptibility to diabetes type 1. Currently,she is working as Director of the Unit Complex Diabetes in the Hospital Santa Maria Goretti of Latina, Polo Pontino University "La Sapienza". Her international experience includes various programs, contributions and participation in different countries for diverse fields of study. Her research interests reflect in her wide range of publications in various national and international journals. She is the author of 200 scientific publications , presentations in conferences and Posters.
Research Interest
Genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes, Genetic susceptibility to autoimmune diseases, Genetic susceptibility to obesity, bone markers of insulin resistance in children and adolescents, Genetic characterization, and immunological phenotype of autoimmune diabetes of adults

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