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Pecora A

Pecora A


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    Three-Dimensional Cell Culture Models for Biomarker Discoveries and Cancer Research
    Author(s): Caicedo-Carvajal CE, Liu Q, Goy A, Pecora A and K Stephen SuhCaicedo-Carvajal CE, Liu Q, Goy A, Pecora A and K Stephen Suh

    Novel biomarker discovery requires high quality biospecimens and proper maintenance of cell phenotype. However, patient samples have reduced availability rendering not practical for large-scale drug screening and biomarker discovery. This impracticality has stimulated the use of cell lines in many “–omics” research studies to discover biomarkers. In addition, cells in these in vitro models are typically grown on 2-dimensional (2D) culture dishes, which is obviously different from native in vivo microenvironments. Data extraction from cells grown in 2D has less relevance, and thus, the biomarkers derived from studies using 2D platforms will likely have less clinical value. Thus, implementation of in vitro models that take into account primary patient samples and in vivo-like factor represent a paradigm shift in cancer biomarker discovery. This review emphasizes on cur.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2161-1025.S1-005

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