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Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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Muruganandam BS

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    A Comprehensive Study of Noise Levels from Vellore Town Tamil Nadu, using Mobile Applications
    Author(s): Muruganandam BS, Wani AI and Kamili ZMuruganandam BS, Wani AI and Kamili Z

    Noise is a prominent feature of the environment including noise from transport, industry and neighbors. Exposure to transport noise disturbs sleep in the laboratory, but not generally in field studies where adaptation occurs. Noise interferes in complex task performance, modifies social behavior and causes annoyance. Studies of occupational and environmental noise exposure suggest an association with hypertension, whereas community studies show only weak relationships between noise and cardiovascular disease. Aircraft and road traffic noise exposure are associated with psychological symptoms but not with clinically defined psychiatric disorder. In both industrial studies and community studies, noise exposure is related to raise catecholamine secretion. In children, chronic aircraft noise exposure impairs reading comprehension and long-term memory and may be associated with raised bloo.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2375-4397.1000218

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