Journal of Pollution Effects & Control

Journal of Pollution Effects & Control
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ISSN: 2375-4397

Martinez Gallegos S

Martinez Gallegos S

Professor in Technological institute of Toluca,Mexico


 He has done his Bachelors in Science.He also completed his Masters of science in Water.He has also done his Chemical Engineering.

Research Interest
Synthesis of hydrotalcites impregnated with Fe nanoparticles for the removal of Cr (VI) and phenol. Impregnation of lamellar double hydroxides with TiO 2  and tests of their photo-catalytic activity with organic compounds.Green cycle: sulfate sorption from natural water on anionic clay compound obtained from industry wastewater, Green and sustainable chemistry, 2013, 3, 48-5530 articles in extenso in national and international congresses

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