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Maria João Rocha

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    Which Table Salt to Choose?
    Author(s): Cristina Carapeto, Sílvia Brum and Maria João RochaCristina Carapeto, Sílvia Brum and Maria João Rocha

    The link between salt consumption and hypertension has been the focus of many studies and clinical trials in the past few years. It is recommended that table salt intake does not exceed the maximum of 5 g per day and yet most people find almost impossible to comply with this recommendation. New types of salt have recently appeared in the market and they claim to be less harmful to health than current commercial salt. Besides being less salty to the taste these new types of salt contain less sodium and more trace minerals than commercial salt but there is a need of experiments and studies in order to establish their benefit to health. .. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9600.1000701

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