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Transcriptomics: Open Access
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Manjusha Verma

Manjusha Verma

Division of Genomic Resources ICAR-NBPGR, Pusa Campus India

Manjusha Verma is a Senior Scientist with an excellent experience in the emerging genomic technologies as well as their integration with the established methods for the understanding of genetic variation in horticultural crops especially cucurbitaceous crops. She has evaluated genetic variability based on morphological traits, biochemical and molecular markers in several horticultural crops and millets. She has developed thousands of microsatellite markers in bottle gourd, sponge gourd, watermelon and small millets with potential and demonstrated relevance to the analyses of genetic diversity, cultivar identification and marker assisted selection.
Research Interest
DNA Sequencing, Expression Profiling, Genomics, Plant Bochemistry, Phylogenetic Analysis, Plant Biochemistry, Genome Sequencing

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