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K. Stephen Suh

K. Stephen Suh

Hackensack University Medical Center USA


As scientific director of the Tissue Bank, K. Stephen Suh, Ph.D., manages The Cancer Center’s Tissue Repository and the Genomics and Biomarkers Program for multiple human cancer types. The Tissue Bank stores tissue, blood, or bone marrow samples that have been taken from patients who have undergone biopsies, surgery, or other procedures for cancer. Scientists use these samples to analyze and study cancer cells. Dr. Suh’s laboratory focuses on genomics (differences in gene expression), proteinomics (differences in protein make-up) and tissueomics (differences in tissue structure and marker expressions at the tissue level) by analyzing cancer cells and normal cells. This research centers on identifying biomarkers (details of a person’s genetic make-up) for cancer that will ultimately guide scientists to correctly diagnose cancer at the molecular level. Physicians can then use this knowledge to prescribe optimal treatment based on a patient’s “personalized” medical condition and the presence of specific molecular markers. Biomarkers can also be used to determine quickly how well a treatment is working so that it can be adjusted if necessary. Dr. Suh has been conducting research in molecular and cell biology for almost 20 years. After completing a master of science degree and doctorate in molecular and cell biology at the University of Texas, he was a post-doctoral fellow and then research fellow/staff member at the National Cancer Institute for nine years. He was recruited to join The Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center in 2007. He has received a number of awards for his research and has been published in leading medical and research journals, including Gene, Molecular and Cell Biology, Genomics, and Cancer Research.

Research Interest

Biomarkers for lymphoma and ovarian cancer; genomics, proteinomics, and tissueomics for multiple human cancer types.

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