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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Joyce Boye

Joyce Boye

Food Research Development Center, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Saint Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada Tel: (450)768-3232 Fax: (450) 773-8461 E-mail:

Dr. Joyce Boye, is a research scientist at the Food Research and Development Centre of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in St. Hyacinthe, Quebec. She has a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering (University of Science and Technology, Ghana) and a Ph. D in Food Science (McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 1995). Dr. Boye leads a comprehensive research study in the area of plant protein research and food allergy. Her research activities in the past 15 years have been directed at developing techniques for the isolation, extraction and characterization of proteins from plant sources and identifying areas of application for the food industry. During this time her research team have done extensive work on soybeans, soy-based products, peas, lentils, chickpeas, canola and hemp working in collaboration with industries from the private sector to develop new techniques and new products.  
Research Interest

Food Allergens, Value-Added Food Processing, Food Quality and Attributes,  Legumes and Oilseeds (soybeans, pulses, canola),  Plant Proteins, Food Chemistry, Food Analysis and Characterisation








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