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Ishii Y

Ishii Y


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    Different Glycemic Responses to Sucrose and Glucose in Old and Young Male Adults
    Author(s): Takao T, Ogawa M, Ishii Y, Shimizu F and Takada ATakao T, Ogawa M, Ishii Y, Shimizu F and Takada A

    Background: GI (glycemic index) is used to show the potency of foods to increase blood glucose. No research has been carried out about age differences of GI of foods of distinct structures such as glucose and sucrose. We wanted to know if there is a big difference in GI depending upon ages of people to take foods. Methods: GI is measured by the area under the blood glucose curve two hours after consuming 50 g of test carbohydrates in relation to 50 g of glucose or white bread. Although GI is influenced by the source and the amounts of foods, it is not known whether GI is affected by age. We gave 50 gram of either glucose or sucrose in a cross over study to two groups of healthy men, older (n=44, mean age=62.4 ± 9.6) and younger (n=36, mean age=20.6 ± 1.6). Results: GI in response to sucrose was 82.8% compared to that of glucose in.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9600.1000460

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