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Harsha Hirdyani

Harsha Hirdyani

Jalandhar Delhi, GT road, NH-1, Phagwara, Punjab

  • Research Article
    Development and Quality Evaluation of RTS (Ready to Serve) Beverages Made from Traditional Indian Medicinal Plants
    Author(s): Harsha HirdyaniHarsha Hirdyani

    Kinnow juice, Basil extract, ginger and sugar syrup were optimized and blended to form a RTS beverage which was pasteurized at 90°C for 25 sec cooled and stored at refrigerated temperature 5°C for 20 days. Physic-chemical and sensory analysis was done. Marginal changes in pH, total soluble solids, acidity, vitamin C and antioxidant content were observed. The TSS increased during the storage period and was reported to be increased by 2.5°Brix. Addition of basil extract and ginger to know juice greatly increased the antioxidant potential of the juice and also Vitamin C. Vitamin C, pH and subsequently acidity decreased as the storage time increased. Ascorbic acid content was reported to decrease by 10-14 mg/100 gm in all the RTS (Ready to Serve) beverages. The antioxidant potential gradually decreased during the storage period from 54.2 in 10% to 60.1 in 25% RTS. The mean ove.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9600.S13-004

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