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Harsha H

Harsha H

Jalandhar Delhi, GT road, NH-1, Phagwara, Punjab

  • Research Article
    Quality Evaluation of Herbal Juice Developed from Traditional Indian Medicinal Plants Using Citrus limetta as Base
    Author(s): Harsha H and Aarti SHarsha H and Aarti S

    Lime juice, basil extract, ginger and sugar syrup were optimized and blended to form a herbal juice which was pasteurized at 90°C for 25 sec cooled and stored at refrigerated temperature 5°C for 20 days. Physic-chemical and sensory analysis was done. Marginal changes in pH, total soluble solids, acidity, vitamin C and antioxidant content were observed. The TSS increased during the storage period and was reported to be increased by 2.5°Brix. Addition of basil extract and ginger to lime juice greatly increased the antioxidant potential of the juice and also Vitamin C. Vitamin C and pH and subsequently decreased as the storage time increased. Ascorbic acid content was reported to decrease by 10-12 mg/100 gm in all the juice blends. The antioxidant potential gradually decreased during the storage period from 50.5 in 10% to 56.1 in 25% juice blends. The mean overall acceptabili.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9600.1000396

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