Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities

Journal of Down Syndrome & Chromosome Abnormalities
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Hangnoh Lee

Hangnoh Lee


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    Drosophila Cell Lines to Model Selection for Aneuploid States
    Author(s): Hangnoh Lee and Brian OliverHangnoh Lee and Brian Oliver

    Abnormal numbers of chromosomes, or aneuploid segments of chromosomes, are associated with multiple genetic disorders and cancers. In many chromosomal abnormalities, it is thought that genic balance of protein complexes or pathways are disrupted. In cancers and immortal cell lines, it is thought that aneuploidy confers a growth and senescence advantage. The karyotype and gene expression profiles of 19 Drosophila modENCODE cell lines highlight the evolution of advantageous gene copy numbers while maintaining genic balance. These highly aneuploidcells show coherent changes in copy number among genes encoding components of multiprotein complexes, which may reflect strong selection for genic balance. They also show copy number increases in genes that positively regulate cell cycle progression or decreases in copy number of genes that negatively regulate cell cycle progression, highlightin.. View More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2472-1115.1000103

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