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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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Govindaraj M

Govindaraj M
Millet breeding, ICRISAT,
Patancheru-502 324

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    Is Fortification or Bio Fortification of Staple Food Crops will Offer a Simple Solution to Complex Nutritional Disorder in Developing Countries?
    Author(s): Govindaraj MGovindaraj M

    Large segment of global populations, especially in developing countries is currently at risk from one or more micronutrient deficiency, so called malnutrition. This could be due to our current food systems are fail to provide enough balanced dietary nutrients to meet all the nutritional requirements of every individual, especially resource-poor women and children in the developing countries. A variety of interventions have been used to address micronutrient malnutrition so far such as pharmaceutical supplementation, industrial fortifications and dietary diversification. However, success of supplementation and fortification in developing countries remains challenges due to poor infrastructure, delivery system, more often it need sustained investment year-after-year. Of course dietary diversity is an immediate issue of diverse food affordability since a sharp increase in food prices wil.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2155-9600.1000351

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