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Charles Marsland

Charles Marsland


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    Short and Long Term Benefits from Consuming Nutrient-Dense Foods
    Author(s): Stacey J Bell, Peter M Castleman and Charles MarslandStacey J Bell, Peter M Castleman and Charles Marsland

    It is critical for companies that sell products affecting health and wellbeing to regularly ask their customers how effective their offerings are. In 2017, Nutrient (hereafter referred to as The Company), which manufactures healthy, nutrient-dense foods, conducted such an audit, in which it asked its customers how its products affected health and wellbeing. After a couple of months using The Company’s foods, the customers reported having more energy, losing weight, feeling fuller, being more focused and alert and less moody, and having improved health. The purpose of this current study was to confirm these findings in two cohorts: (1) Year-long customers: a sub-set of the 2017 data set who have been consuming the nutrient-dense foods for at least one year; and (2) Six-month customers: customers who placed at least one food order over a six-month span. The same ten questions were.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.35248/2155-9600.19.9.752

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