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Pathogenetic Mechanisms of Metabolic Syndrome Development and its Correction with Grape-Derived Stilbene Concentrate

Vitalina Petrenko*, Vijay Ganji

Aim: The aim of the research was to investigate the dynamics of the parameters of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, markers of associated inflammation in an induced metabolic syndrome (MetS) model, and to estimate the effectiveness of its treatment using a grape-derived stilbene concentrate (GDSC).

Methods: The research was performed on 40 white Wistar male rats of the SPF category aged 12 weeks. The MetS was induced using the fructose model (feeding the rats a diet with a 60% fructose content for 24 weeks). Rats with induced MetS were treated with GDSC, which was obtained by water-alcohol extraction of Vitis vinifera (Ressfood LLC, Russia).

Results: Induction of the experimental MetS was accompanied by the development of abdominal obesity, hyperglycemia, increased lipids levels, cardiomyopathy and damage of blood vessels. The expression of glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT4) and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ (PPAR-γ) had more expressive and early dynamics than biochemical shifts.

Conclusion: The development of the accompanying inflammatory reactions was confirmed by the increased expression of TLR4 and C-reactive protein as compared to control levels. The treatment of experimental MetS with GDSC prevented associated inflammatory reactions and protected the heart and blood vessels from damage.

Published Date: 2020-03-04; Received Date: 2020-02-02