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Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600

Physical observation for nutritional deficiencies

World Congress on Nutraceuticals and Natural Medicine

October 22-23, 2018 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Keri Brown

Tallas Health, USA

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Nutr Food Sci

Abstract :

Learning how to observe physical features can help one determine nutritional deficiency patterns and health needs prior to disease occurring. This information is imperative in today's health care and in the "sub-clinical" patient, before disease progresses to outright symptoms and blood changes. Traditional doctors used physical observations of our body to confirm our health issues. They did not and could not rely on testing or blood work. Physical observations enable one to take the guess work out of nutritional deficiencies and organ health patterns. This class insures a measurement of patient evaluation as a critical tool in the medical toolbox. If pre-and post-nutritional evaluations and sound patient observations are added, the practitioner can confirm the findings while creating a recordable and even visual benchmark for patients to see the change and progress. This approach heightens the practitioner's ability to identify root causes, target priorities, and integrate patient interaction, while improving understanding, retention and compliance. Using functional assessments of the digestive system, thyroid, adrenals, and more, the health and direction of care becomes more obvious to see, treat, and monitor. While correlating specific observations and testing procedures, one can determine organ health, utilization of nutritional factors, and what direction is best for the client. We will look at the tongue, face, nails, reflex points, simple office testing procedures and holistic care to determine how to help our patients through physical observations for nutritional deficiencies.

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