Phelligridin D (Phellinus baumii) modulates homeostasis of period | 43469
Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences

Journal of Nutrition & Food Sciences
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ISSN: 2155-9600

Phelligridin D (Phellinus baumii) modulates homeostasis of periodontal ligament and osteoblast cells

21st International Conference on Food & Nutrition

July 25-26, 2018 | Vancouver, Canada

Ho-Keun Yi

Chonbuk National University, Republic of Korea

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Abstract :

Objective: Phelligridin D is a hispidin analogue from the mushroom Phellinus baumii that is widely used as a food source in East Asia. This study tested Phelligridin D for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidational effect in human periodontal ligament cells (HPDLCs), osteoblast like cells (MC-3T3 E1), and biocompatibility of dental implant with alveolar bone. Material and Methods: Primary HPDLCs were isolated from healthy teeth, MC-3T3 E1 cells were cultured and used. The multi-biological function, mechanism, and biocompatibility molecules were verified with Western blot analysis and in vivo models. Results: HPDLCs and MC-3T3 showed increased inflammatory molecules such as ICAM-1 and VCAM-1, and decreased osteogenic proteins BMP-7, Osterix and RUNX-2 by LPS treatment. Phelligridin D decreased inflammatory molecules, and increased osteogenic molecules via down-regulation of ERK 1/2 and p-JNK pathway among MAPKs, followed by blocking of NF-�?�B translocation from cytosol to nucleus. Finally, the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant function of Phelligridin D promoted the periodontal differentiation of HPDLCs and osteogenesis of MC-3T3. Further, Phelligridin D promoted bone regeneration around nanotube Ti implant surface by increasing the levels of BMP-2/7 and OPG in a rat model. Conclusions: These results suggest that Phelligridin D has the character of supporting teeth on alveolar bone against outside stress, and may be used as an anti-inflammatory compound for the prevention of periodontitis or periodontal regenerative related disease.

Biography :

Ho-Keun Yi is currently working in Chonbuk National University, Korea.